Our mission with this website is to inspire and educate older men who don’t know anything about yoga to try taking yoga, and eliminate their excuses.

It is becoming too commonplace for men to just accept their body’s are “old”, “stiff”, “broken” and a life of grunting and groaning as you get up and down is in your future.  Or in your present?

Do you compare knee, hip and back surgeries with your buddies?

Has your wife or daughter ever asked you to try yoga and this is your response?

I’m not flexible. I can’t do yoga.

…or something like this:

I got to get in shape first before I can do yoga.

Please read through the testimonials of some of our students who found this yoga and how their new yoga practices have changed their lives, prevented surgeries, reduced stress, eliminated prescriptions, improved sex life and increased their happiness.

We have also created an FAQ section that helps answer the most common questions we receive from men about yoga.

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